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WARNING: Retard Writer and Artist runnin' loose. If u like me,then watch ME!!

XM=Agender/Pansexual - - - - - RX=Cisgender/Straight

Hello! Here is the main user, XMordecai! RigbyX is the other person who just kinda does stuff because why not! Our birthday's are June 13(XMordecai) and June 12(RigbyX). XMordecai's pronouns are he/him or they/them (whatever you call me is swag with me) and RigbyX's are she/her!

Hello fellow deviants! This profile consists of two people! I will not be telling our real names but know that one is called XMordecai and the other is called RigbyX. thank you.

RigbyX will be mostly posting drawings, rarely stories/poems/whatever.
XMordecai will also be posting drawings, rarely stories/poems/whatever.
will do commisions. to pay just donate points.
will also do request FREE


WARNING: Faves may be very retarded



Vincent by XMordecaiRigbyX
Vincent is owned by Rebornica and fnaf is owned by Scott Cawthon, i love them both!!

RigbyX is back to say hello

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 25, 2015, 6:29 PM
Hey guys, sry for not being here, but i'm grounded from all electronics until school starts. But, if you want you can chat with me on Miiverse. I'm mostly on the Youtube community and my name is The Proxie. I draw way better on there fyi. Anyways, i will be writing some fanfiction so when i'm able to fully go back on here, expect some. I am a noob at writing but am very creative. Not taking requests right now, but maybe later. I am not ready for highschool, no. I signed up for acting but now i'm having second thoughts.
I aslo found out i have a 'mental disorder' of sorts. It's called Maladaptive daydreaming.
Watch a french anime called Wakfu, it is amazing, i love it. I really want to play the game of it now.
Can't wait for the next marvel movies and star trek!!!!

who's ready for freddy? FNAF4

  • Listening to: Cherry popping daddy's
  • Reading: lemony fanfictions
  • Watching: harry potter
  • Playing: wii u
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: air
"Anyways thank you guys so much for watching this video, if you liked it PUNCH that like button in the face LIKE A BOSS! And...high fives all around! Whapish! Whapish! thank you guys And ill see all you dudes IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!" Jack turned off the camera then the game. He then sighed, took off his headphones then his hat. He smiled to himself, got up and lie on his bed. It was such a long video, he didn't think he would last for an hour talking endlessly about himself, the game and love affairs. He cracked endless jokes and screamed until his voice went out.
Jack rubbed his throat and rolled off his bed to get a glass of water. His throat hurt so bad, he didn't think he'd speak tomorrow! "God damnit.." He croaked as he turned on his faucet, "please don' go out on me.."
He drank the entire glass and walked to his bed. He instantly collapsed into it, face first. His face hit the pillow and he instantly fell asleep.
When he awoke, Jack heard a knocking at his door. It startled him. Jack sat up and inched off his bed. He sighed, guessing it was probably the apartment's manager telling Jack he had multiple complaints about him being loud. He didn't bother look at his phone. Jack smiled, 'they just love me!' He thought, flattening his hair down and grabbing some shorts from the floor to put on.
Jack opened the door, seeing the manager.
"Top...of the... mornin'..mister...m-manager..!" Jack croaked, putting his hand to his neck.
"Hard night?" The manager said with a smile.
Jack nodded, smiling
"But it...don f-from yellin!" Jack nudged the manager jokingly with his fist.
"Ye got a bit of complaints, ag-" the manager started
"Yeah, yeah..." Jack waved his free hand "Tha usual, 'he..he's been screamin'!' th-thing...?" He asked, coughing.
The manager nodded.
"Well I better be leavin'!" The manager turned and walked away. Jack started to close his door when the manager came back, shoving his foot into the door.
Jack opened it wider and looked at the manager.
"Something hot usually does the trick fer a nasty throat!" The manager turned and walked away finally.
Jack closed his door and thought about it. He shrugged at the thought and just decided to sleep it off.
Jack kicked off his shorts and flopped onto the bed and closed his eyes.
In his dream, he dreamed of Markiplier. He had a handsome tux on and Jack had one on too. Jack looked around realizing that they both were alone in a room that was meant for a big party! Jack smiled at Dream Mark.
"Markimoo!" He yelled out, hugging Mark.
"Jackaroonie!" Mark yelled back, catching Jack's hug.
Mark and Jack stared at each other for several minutes, daring to make a move.
Jack blinked and Dream Mark was gone. Jack looked around in terror for his lovely Markimoo and started crying over this small discovery. Jack felt a tap on his shoulder and they were suddenly sitting next to each other on a bed
Mark fell onto his back on the bed and gestured Jack to get on top. Jack's dream self couldn't resist and sat on Mark's crotch.
Mark pulled Jack down and as soon as their lips touched -

Jack woke up then sat upright, choking his lung out. He sighed missing the good part of his dream.
He stopped. Then blushed.
"Did I just get sad over missing the sex part?!" He thought widening his eyes and blushing.
Jack choked some more and put his hand on his forehead.
It was hot to the touch.
"I CANT BE SICK!!" He shouted kicking his blankets off him and racing to the kitchen. Jack pulled open his cabinet so fast he almost broke it off its hinges. Jack knocked over everything trying to grab the cough medicine.
He opened it and took a few swigs, then sat down.
"Why would I be thinkin' 'bout Mark?!" He rubbed his temples and leaned back in the chair.
Jack sighed getting up to check the time.
9:40 PM
He sighed and got up, flopping back on his bed
Jack instantly closed his eyes and he was hoping he could have the dream again.
Without his broken voice.
stay tuned for more
Jack's 3rd person POV


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A Writer and a Artist.
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fite me coward

butts and thighs, yeah

It's too late to order fries~

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